The activity of the Faculty of Law is carried out in its state-of-the-art premises located at no. 187, Calea Vacaresti, district 4, built according to the international standards. The building, endowed with ventilation systems and exceptional facilities, provides students with amphitheaters, seminar rooms, criminology and computer science labs, a library and a bookshop. The area of the premises is correlated with the number of student places and with the activities stipulated in the curriculum. The didactic activities are carried out as scheduled in three amphitheaters with a capacity of 200 seats each and in 15 rooms with a capacity of 30-40 seats. The amphitheaters are endowed with audio-video equipment for sound amplification and the projection of audio-visual materials (transparencies for the overhead projector, slides, books). All seminar rooms are endowed with audiovisual equipment, cameras and air conditioning.

The acquisition of theoretical knowledge by the students is exemplified with case studies in the various labs: the criminology lab, the legal information technology lab, the clinical medicine for legal purposes lab, the forensic medicine lab, as well as the simulation lab, where students can apply the theories they have learned.

The faculty provides its students with competitive, highly reliable, state-of-the-art materials: computer network, audio and video equipment, TV sets, charts, overhead projectors, microscopes, video tapes and CDs, criminology kits.

  • Amphitheaters: 3 modern amphitheaters with 500 seats each, air conditioning, multimedia equipment
  • Seminar rooms: 15
  • Labs (number and capacity): 3/90 seats each
    • 2 computer science labs with a network of 50 computers each and INTERNET connection
    • 1 criminology lab with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment
    • The forensic medicine lab is located within the premises of “Prof. dr. Mina Minovici” Institute of Forensic Medicine, no. 9, Sos. Vitan-Barzesti, district 4. The collaboration with this institution is based on a convention concluded with the same.


Other information regarding the material resources

  • Specialized books: over 40,000 Romanian and foreign volumes; journals – 14 Romanian and foreign titles (subscriptions)
  • Large and bright reading rooms
  • Other facilities:
    • 8 computers with access to the legal data bases (INFOLEX, LEGE 4, ISIS), that are constantly updated
    • a copying machine that provides students with the opportunity to multiply the materials borrowed from the library
    • permanent access to the INTERNET