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Titu Maiorescu” University -Faculty of Law

Bucharest, 13-14 May 2021


With a vast experience in organizing international scientific events, the “Titu Maiorescu” University launched in 2013 a new scientific challenge through the organization of the International Conference on Law, European Studies and International Relations. Over 600 scientific works of renowned professors, researchers and doctoral students, from Romania and abroad, were presented in the first editions. Held in three languages, in Romanian, English and French, the eight editions delighted in the attendance of over 50 professors from Universities in Spain, Italy, France, Israel, Poland, Bulgaria, Morocco, and Germany.

The volumes edited in the course of the eight editions of the conference, were published by Hamangiu Publishing House, and were distributed to each participant and subsequently to sent to the most renowned professors of Romania, as well as to university libraries. The volume are assigned ISBN 978-606-678-642-3, ISBN 978-606-27-0020-1, ISBN 978-606-27-0222-9, ISBN 978-606-27-0607-4, ISBN 978-606-27-0879-5 and are BDI indexed.

The International Conference on Law, European Studies and International Relations,  aims to bring together academics, researchers, professors, doctoral students, students and last but not least law practitioners to exchange and share their experiences and research results on the most diverse of issues related to reforming legislation in the spirit of new national, European and international trends, as well as to discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions that were adopted.

„The most ancient of all societies, and the only one that is natural, is the family:” said J.J. Rousseau and this year we set out to focus our joint scientific effort on the issue of the family and the complex structure of the patrimonial and non-patrimonial rights and obligations it creates. The history of the family influences its present, both in terms of issues related to continuity and those related to changes and breaks with tradition. Neither obsolete nor collapsing, the family today demonstrates its vitality and expressiveness, rich in acquired freedoms, but also fragile under the pressure of new challenges. The diversity of domestic, European and international law rules that are incidental to the family and its aspirations opens a vortex of freedoms, powers, rights and obligations in the domestic and European regulation of the family generating legal conflicts and confluences, which invites us from behind the scenes of scientific research to explore them.

In a world where legal systems are increasingly overlapping, and legal experience is constantly evolving, we want to analyze together doctrinal foundations, to discover appropriate solutions for practice, which scientific research–by bringing together the creative thoughts and energies of this conference–will generate in a perpetual and necessary upgrading in response to diversity.

We are convinced that this important scientific event will be one of the most prestigious events in the national legal calendar, with an international echo, providing an opportunity to discuss current family issues and legal relationships which are born around this spontaneous structure, which is nonetheless of reference for the society, for the economic, cultural and linguistic environments, and for the legal community, aiming to highlight new solutions and interpretations.

Therefore, we invite you to take part in the debate of the most interesting national and international legal issues.

The presentation of the conference papers will take place in plenary and in sections

Partners: Romanian Society of European Law, Romanian Association of European Law and Affairs and

Information on the Conference can be found on the website of Titu Maiorescu University / Faculty of


  • For sending the papers, the deadline is: 18 April 2021(sending the paper în Romanian) ;
  • Notification of acceptance for the proposed paper: 28 April 2021;
  • Deadline for sending the paper în English, with the modifications required by the reviewers: 13 May 2021;
  • The Conference: 13-14 mai 2021;
  • The volume of the conference will be edited until May 31, 2021 and can be picked up by participants from the Faculty of Law.


The papers will be sent to:

Contact persons: Felicia Maxim-0766527675, Mădălina Dinu -0727.277.775

Each author can participate at the International Conference of Law, European Studies and International Relations with a maximum of two papers (papers with more than two co-authors are not allowed). The participation fee is paid per paper. The presentation of the papers by the authors in the conference proceedings is an imperative requirement for the publication of the articles in the conference volume.

Participation fee:

350 lei for publication in the Conference volume and indexed in two international databases, recognized by the Law Commission, CNATDCU.

The participation fee is paid per article. The fee can be paid no later than May 13, 2021.

The fee will be paid into the account of Titu Maiorescu University of Bucharest, in the following account opened at B.C.R. RO49RNCB0546029228350001, fiscal Code: RO4337662 or at the Cash register of Titu Maiorescu University-str.Dambovnicului, no.22, sector 4 Bucharest (cash or bank card)

The payment document must include the statement “International Conference on Law, European Studies and International Relations 2021”.

The payment order must be sent to:

The participation fee shall not be refunded if the reviewers consider that the article cannot be indexed without fulfilling the substantive and formal conditions required by the rigors of scientific research.




In the current context at national and international level, the Faculty of Law of Titu Maiorescu University informs you that the 9th edition of the International Conference on Law, European Studies and International Relations will be organized on 13-14 May 2021 by means of communication meant to ensure compliance with pandemic rules for all participants.

If the legal provisions and the existing conditions at national level allow the organization of this event physically, the Conference will take place in Bucharest, at the Faculty of Law – Titu Maiorescu University, on Calea Văcăreşti no.187, sector 4.