1. Probabilities and Mathematical StatisticsII3rd Course details
2. Algorithms and Data StructuresII3rd Course details
3. Object Oriented Programming (C++)II3rd Course details
4. Specialized Communication in English IIIII3rd Course details
5. Differential Equations and Dynamic SystemsII3rd Course details
6. Advanced Programming TechniquesII3rd Course details
7. Computer GraphicsII3rd Course details
8. Multimedia TechniquesII3rd Course details
9. WEB TechnologiesII4th Course details
10. Advanced Programming Methods (Java Programming)II4th Course details
11. Reliability and Testing of Computer SystemsII4th Course details
12. Cryptography and Information SecurityII4th Course details
13. DatabasesII4th Course details
14. Professional Ethics and Intellectual PropertyII4th Course details
15. Business Concepts in ITII4th Course details