1. Database Management SystemsIII5th Course details
2. Computer NetworksIII5th Course details
3. E-commerceIII5th Course details
4. Software EngineeringIII5th Course details
5. Artificial intelligenceIII5th Course details
6. Graphic Interface DesignIII5th Course details
7. Visual Programming EnvironmentsIII5th Course details
8. Modelling and SimulationIII5th Course details
9. Human-Computer and Robotics InterfacesIII6th Course details
10. Cloud ComputingIII6th Course details
11. Mobile Application DevelopmentIII6th Course details
12. Formal, Automatic and Calculable LanguagesIII6th Course details
13. Data Mining TechniquesIII6th Course details
14. Neuro-fuzzy modellingIII6th Course details
15. Computer Network AdministrationIII6th Course details
16. Computer System Design and ManagemenIII6th Course details