The Submission Process


Step one

Submit a paper at, beginning with 15th June 2023 and until 1st October 2023 without author’s name and affiliationfor the double blind reviewing purpose.

Download Create Account Tutorial EasyChair
Download Submission Tutorial EasyChair


Step two

The submitted manuscript will be reviewed through a peer reviewing process to ensure its appropriate technical quality. The manuscript should clearly define the outlining concepts and original features of the work. Be certain to acknowledge previous works to distinguish your originality from them (papers will be checked against plagiarism using a specialized software).


Step three

After paper acceptance, the final camera ready manuscript submission will be done by 30 October 2023, by using the same easyChair system. For the final camera ready paper, the reviewers’ comments received by a notification e-mail have to be taken into account. The English has to be carefully checked. Please do not forget to add authors’ names, affiliation, and e-mail addresses to the final paper.


Step four

IEEE copyright.  For each accepted paper the corresponding author must send in PDF format a signed and scanned IEEE copyright by 30 October 2023, at the address:  This step is mandatory for including your papers in Xplore database. Please indicate your  ID paper in message subject. This step is mandatory for including your papers in Xplore database.
IEEE Copyright Form (mandatory):
Download IEEE Copyright Form (MS Word) and sent it completely to: Please indicate your  ID paper in message subject.


Step five

All accepted authors will upload their final camera ready papers on the same page of  easyChair site as for their first submission, in PDF format, as follows:

1) add the EHB header AND the IEEE copyright notice on the first page of the paper, as shown on camera-ready template below;

Download EHB2023 final template with header and copyright notice

2) check the compatibility of your papers with IEEE Xplore database, by using the site The conference ID is 55594XIt is preferable to send to the PDF eXpress portal the Word version of your paper to be translated in PDF format. The result of this checking will be a PDF file as shown below, that complies with Xplore database. As a distinctive sign, it has in „Attachments” field a logo and the word „IEEE.joboptions”. PDF eXpress portal will be available on beginning with 15 June 2023.

Sample of pdf  file with header, copyright notice and checked with PDF Express.

Print Screen PDF Checked PDF Xpress.

3) the final .pdf file will be UPLOAD on EHB-easyChair site

( until 30 October 2023.

4) The Word version of the submitted paper must also be sent to


Step six

All authors must pay the non-refundable registration fee until 30 October 2023.  See Call for Papers menu for details.


We remember you that the paper presentation at EHB 2023 is Online or On-site.

Please don’t forget to send us the IEEE Copyright Form (mandatory for including your papers in Xplore database).

Also, if unexpected events prevent author’s connect online please send us an email on or