1.DM 3.5.1.Internal medicine; Medical SemiologyIII5th4
2.DM 3.5.2.DermatologyIII5th4
3.DM 3.5.3.Medical informatics and biostatisticsIII5th2
4.DM 3.5.4.AnaesthesiaIII5th2
5.DM 3.5.5.Oro-dental diagnosisIII5th4
6.DM 3.5.6.Medical psychologyIII5th4
7.DM 3.5.7.NeurologyIII5th4
8.DM 3.5.8.Ability to prepare dental cavities on simulatorsIII5th6
9.DM 3.6.9.EndocrinologyIII6th2
10.DM 3.6.10.General Surgery, Surgical SemiologyIII6th2
11.DM 3.6.11.OcclusiologyIII6th4
12.DM 3.6.12.Ability to prepare teeth on simulatorsIII6th8
13.DM 3.6.13.Conservative odontotherapyIII6th8
14.DM 3.6.14.General radiologyIII6th2
15.DM 3.6.15.Speciality practice IIIIII6th2
*Theme of the specialty practice: Caryology, occlusiology and dental prosthesis (4 weeks x 8 h x5 days/week=160 h)
16.DM 3.6.16Bionanomaterials in dental medicineIII6th


2A discipline is chosen between DM 3.6.16 and DM 3.6.17
17.DM 3.6.17Malpractice in dental medicine


Disclaimer: the aim of this page is to help you fill in the Learning Agreement before the mobility. Sometimes the curriculum is subject to change due to various reasons, therefore, please check the validity of your classes with your Erasmus+ coordinator upon your arrival at Titu Maiorescu University. You can change the Learning Agreement at the beginning of the mobility.