1.DM 4.7.1.PaediatricsIV7th3
2.DM 4.7.2.ENLIV7th4
3.  DM 4.7.3.Radiological diagnosis in dentistryIV7th5
4.DM 4.7.4.Anesthesia and sedation in dentistryIV7th8
5.DM 4.7.5.Forensic MedicineIV7th2
6.DM 4.7.6.GeneticsIV7th4
7.DM 4.7.7.OphthalmologyIV7th2
8.DM 4.8.8.First aidIV8th2
9.DM 4.8.9.Diagnostic skills and treatment of dental pulp  diseases. Instrumentation techniques on simulatorsIV8th6
10.DM 4.8.10.Mobile dental prosthesisIV8th6
11.DM 4.8.11.Oral maxilla facial surgery IIV8th6
12.DM 4.8.12.Scientific research methodologyIV8th2
13.DM 4.8.13.Morphology and therapeutic aspects of decidual dentitionIV8th6
14.DM 4.8.14.Specialty practice IV*IV8th2
*Theme of the specialty practice: Anesthesia and sedation in dentistry, restaurative odontotherapy, dental prosthesis and pedodontics (4 weeks x 8 h x 5 days/week=160 h)


15.DM 4.7.15.Geriatric dentistryIV7th2A discipline is chosen between DM 4.7.15 and DM 4.7.16
16.DM 4.7.16.Dentogeny


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