– 1st semester –

1.P.3.5.1Psihopatologie şi Psihiatrie / Psychopathology and psychiatry6
2.P.3.5.2Fundamentele Psihoterapiei / Fundamentals of psychotherapy6
3.P.3.5.4Introducere în Psihologia Resurselor Umane / Introduction to human resourses psychology5
4.P.3.5.8Psihologia Educaţiei / Psychology of education5
5.P.3.5.11Sugestiologie (Opțional) /  Sugestiology (Optional)5
6.P.3.5.12Psihoterapii de scurtă durata (Opțional) / Short-term psychotherapies (Optional)5
7.P.3.5.15Psihopatologie psihanalitică (Opțional) / Psychoanalytic psychopathology (Optional)3
8.P.3.5.16Psihologie Clinică (Opțional)  / Clinical psychology (Optional)3


– 2nd semester –

1.P.3.6.3Bazele Psihoterapiei Cognitiv – Comportamentale / The basics of cognitive behavioral psychotherapy5
2.P.3.6.5Tehnici Proiective / Projective Tehniques6
3.P.3.6.6Psihologia Cuplului şi a Sexualităţii / The Psychology of couples and sexuality6
4.P.3.6.7Psihologie Economică / Economic psychology5
5.P.3.6.9Consiliere Educațională şi Vocaţională /

Educational and vocational counselling

6.P.3.6.10Practică de Specialitate pentru Elaborarea Lucrării de Licenţă / Specialized practice for the preparing of graduate thesis2
7.P.3.6.13Psihologia Învăţării (Opțional) / Psychology of learning (Optional)3
8.P.3.6.14Modele logico-analitice ale relațiilor psihosociale (Opțional) / Logical-analytical models of psychosocial relationships (Optional)3


Disclaimer: the aim of this page is to help you fill in the Learning Agreement before the mobility. Sometimes the curriculum is subject to change due to various reasons, therefore, please check the validity of your classes with your Erasmus+ coordinator upon your arrival at Titu Maiorescu University. You can change the Learning Agreement at the beginning of the mobility.