About Us




The Faculty of Communication Sciences and International Relations (authorized by ARACIS in July 2010) meets the dynamic requirements of the society, aiming at training competent graduates, qualified in the knowledge and the analysis of political phenomena and relations at national and international level.

Our professors are great personalities of economic, political, national and international life, remarkable specialists in communication and public relations (most of them being currently active in these areas). The educational process also focuses on practice, this activity being carried out in recognized institutions.

The faculty’s activity benefits from the new facilities of the university, that meet the highest requirements for carrying out a high-quality education.

The Faculty of Communication Sciences and International Relations offers the following specializations:

  • Department of Communication and Public Relations (ACCREDITED) seeks to place itself constantly at the forefront of communication and public relations activities, through a flexible and responsive orientation towards contemporary socio-cultural affairs.

On graduating, students will have the knowledge and skills required for employment in a wide range of media-related professions, such as reporters and editors for the written press, radio and television, spokespersons, image consultants, media and advertising specialists, communication and public relations specialists.

  • Department of International Relations and European Studies (ACCREDITED) approaches a range of disciplines and study directions that responds to the new challenges that Romania faces in the international context and identifies solutions for coordinating policies at the planetary level.

On graduating, students will have the knowledge and skills required for a broad range of career opportunities, such as: specialists in Romanian and international institutions (EU, NGOs), experts on European integration matters, managers for community development projects, diplomats, counsellors in institutions with attributions in the field of international relations.