„I am Rozhin Alsadat Mirmohammadi from Iran, Isfahan city. With a lot of effort, I graduated from high school at the age of 15 as the youngest student and got a diploma.

During my high school years, I studied different countries and their civilizations, cultures and languages through emails, websites, books, movies, etc., and had a brief acquaintance with the language of each country. Finally, I chose the beautiful country of Romania because of its culture and civilization and the kind and loving people and having universities with a very high level of science and, of course, the indescribable beauty of its nature and Romania being in the European Union.

So, I decided to learn Romanian in the Preparatory Year at Titu Maiorescu University and then study Dentistry in Romanian. In my opinion, knowing the Romanian language is necessary for better treatment and communication with the patient. I was very lucky to get admission at Titu Maiorescu University, with excellent professors and I am proud of that.

In the Preparatory Year for Romanian language, in addition to the language, I became acquainted with the Romanian history, culture and civilization, the Romanian people and attractions, and even the anatomy of the body in Romanian. If this is done in a good university like Titu Maiorescu University, with professors and quality education, it will be 100% easier to start next year and it will be a memorable year.

Although the classes are held online, due to the presence of excellent and active professors, I learned the lessons very well and enjoyed the classes.

In the first semester, with lots of effort, I received a full score of 10 from all my professors. I think I became an excellent student and I hope to be able to get a scholarship.












If you ask the university professors about me, they will tell you that I am very active and participate in classes.I am very happy that I chose Romania and Titu Maiorescu University, with excellent professors, whom I would like to thank, especially Professor Sorin Ivan, PhD, the Dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences and International Relations.

I hope I will be an excellent student at your university and my experience will be useful for future students.”

Rozhin Alsadat Mirmohammadi (Iran)


Rozhin Alsadat Mirmohammadi also made this nice video about Romania, inspired by the Romanian Culture and Civilization course, taught by Prof. Sorin Ivan, PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences and International Relations.

Video about Romania ׀ UTM Testimonials